All About Us

Serenity Pet is the innovative new line of pet products from Serenity Hygiene. Established in 2014 Serenity Hygiene has brought to market some of the most effective sanitisation products available today while being ethical and environmentally responsible. We will now be bringing to market a range of pet supplies that follows the same high ethical standards of our other brands while being fresh and exciting. 


Andrew, Duke and Kara!

We know our customers are why we exist (both the human and non human kind) and we would love to hear you suggestions and comments. Please get in touch and tell us what we can do better or what products you would find useful. Send us photos of you using our products on your furry friends along with a few words about how you liked or product and we'll send you both a bag of goodies!

The Important Bit


3 year old husky x labrador, stubborn and very very smart. 


2 year old husky x german shepherd, dumb as a box of frogs and best friend to Kara!