Towel Off Dog Shampoo Travel Pack

Serenity Pet

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Serenity Towel Off Dog Shampoo Travel Pack is a convenient way to clean up your dog after those long muddy walks in the woods before they get in the car or the house.

  • Each pack contains a 200ml Towel Off Pet Shampoo and an expandable biodegradable Eco Towel.
  • Serenity Pet Shampoo is a gentle yet effective cleansing liquid that foams up and removes dirt, blood and other muck.
  • Paraben and alcohol free it is completely skin safe and leaves your dog smelling wonderful.
  • Our expandable eco towel is a biodegradable disposable towel that is over 4x more absorbent than a cotton towel.

Simply apply the shampoo to the affected areas, massage in and towel off to leave your dog clean, smelling fresh (and slightly of mulberry!) . No need for a dirty car or a ruined bathroom!

Replacement Eco Towels are available separately.

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