Towel Off Cat Shampoo

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Towel Off Cat Shampoo

Serenity Towel Off Cat Shampoo is a revolution in cat hygiene!

The choice used to be either tolerate a stinky kitty or risk evisceration by claw! Now you can wash your cat safely and without them hating you! 

Just apply to the coat, massage to a lather and towel dry.

Cats don't much like water and while they spend a lot of time cleaning themselves this isn't always enough to prevent a certain odour... Our no rinse shampoo is perfect for cleansing cats, especially the old or infirm. It cleans, deodorises and is completely safe no matter how much your cat cleans themselves after!

Our Towel Off cat shampoo remove faeces, mud, blood and smells!

  • PH balanced, hypoallergenic and containing no alcohol.
  • Eliminate odours & lift dirt away from the skin.
  • No need for water or rinsing
  • Effectively lifts dirts and smells great
  • Paraben Free, conditions and cleans
  • Apply to the coat, work to a lather & towel dry


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