No Rinse Horse Shampoo

Serenity Pet

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No Rinse Horse Shampoo

Our gentle yet effective towel off horse shampoo.

Leaves your horse, pony, donkey or Llama clean and smelling great and all without the use of water.

No more hose pipe and no more icy legs (yours OR theirs!)

Ideal for shows and for those cold winters when water will leave cold legs on your horse. 

Paraben and alcohol free, no irritants or nasty chemicals, this amazing new way to wash down your horse only needs a towel and maybe a sponge. Use to wash down legs, mane, body and tail quickly and with less stress. Our unique formula breaks down dirt, blood, poo and other nasties leaving your horse clean and hygienic (until the next muddy canter!).

1 Litre Bottle with Spray head making application easy.

  • No need for the hosepipe!
  • Less stress or cold, icy legs for your horse!
  • Massage in (use a sponge if you like) and towel off
  • Leaves your four legged friend clean and smelling wonderful
  • Leaves you a lot less wet and with less cleaning to do!



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